TaxiBot® allows dispatching aircraft with its jet engines turned off

SAS' Mission is to promote Zero Ground Emission solutions.

Taxiing contributes to 37% of the total aircraft emissions at airport. Smart Airport Systems is deploying TaxiBot® and its Engine OFF Service


TaxiBot® is exclusively manufactured by TLD at its plant located in Sorigny, France
TLD is market leader in the supply of Ground Support Equipment (GSE)


Unique green and sustainable taxiing system. The only undercarriage aircraft system certified to dispatch commercial flights. TaxiBot® is holding 9 international patents


We recognize a shared responsibility to protect our planet. As such, reducing our environmental footprint and contributing to the reduction of the environmental footprint of the aviation industry, through our products and services, is one of our key objectives. We are committed to promoting circular economy whenever practical, to using sustainable resources and sourcing responsibility

NB TaxiBot®

For single-aisle aircraft

  • A320 Family
  • B737-Series

The semi-robotic TaxiBot® design has been under development for several years by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) & TLD with the support of the major OEM’s. The TaxiBot® prototype for single-aisle aircraft was presented in inter-airport-europe 2011 and a TaxiBot® from serial production was on display in inter-airport-europe 2013. The first autonomous roll-out of a TaxiBot® took place at TLD’s
Montlouis-sur-Loire factory in February 2012.

In April 2012, the TaxiBot® prototype for narrow-body aircraft was delivered to Chateauroux Airport in Central France to start its test program. The first 3 TaxiBots NB from serial production were delivered to Lufthansa LEOS in Frankfurt International Airport on 7.6.2013, 30.1.2014 and 26.3.2014. They have been operating in Frankfurt with commercial flights of Lufthansa since Nov 2014, following the certification for the B737 CL. In Service Evaluation (ISE) and Routine Operation Evaluation (ROE) in Frankfurt has been completed. Certification for B737 was granted in 2014 for classic and 2016 for NG, and for A320 family in 2017.

WB TaxiBot®

For twin-aisle aircraft

  • A330 & A350 Family
  • B777 & B787 Series

During the first quarter of 2010 a TaxiBot® Demonstrator was evaluated by Airbus, towing an A340-600 test airplane in Toulouse, France.

During December 2010 and March 2011 a TaxiBot® Demonstrator was evaluated by Lufthansa in Frankfurt, Germany, towing a B747-400 commercial airplane, in extreme weather conditions (snow / ice & -17°C).

The TaxiBot® Prototype for Wide-Body aircraft started its engines in April 2014.

During July 2014, it has completed assembly and started dynamic driving tests in TLD’s new facility in Sorigny, France

The TaxiBot® WB prototype for twin-aisle aircraft was presented in inter-airport-europe 2015.



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